English display cabinet from the 60s

Particular English bookcase / writing desk from 20th century. Furniture carved and inlaid in mahogany, maple and fruitwood of beautiful lines and pleasant decor. Bookcase equipped with two external drawers in the lower part, an opening desk top (see photo), roller shutter and two doors in the upper part. Furniture of good capacity and service, inside the shutter that offers several compartments for documents and six drawers (4 + 2, see photo). Desk complete with two working keys, ideal for use in a living room or study. Interior of the two upper doors equipped with two shelves plus base plate (see photo). It can be disassembled to facilitate movement and placement in the home, it shows some small signs of wear. Furniture structurally sound, overall in a good state of conservation.

Sizes: H 181 x L 92 x P 48 cm

Age: 20th century

Cod: 9479

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