Great 20th century terracotta sculpture, Judith and Holofernes

Great Italian terracotta sculpture from the early 20th century. Finely chiseled and painted artwork depicting the biblical subject Judith and Holofernes. Sculpture of exceptional size and impact for antique dealers, interior decorators and collectors of religious-themed sculptures. Work of great character, finished from the center, with a hole on the back and another under the base (see photo). Sculpture of line and late Gothic style, Judith depicted with a sword in the right hand and the head of Holofernes in the left (see photo). Work that has undergone some minor conservative restoration work on the crown (see photo) and the repair of a crack in the lower part of the back. Overall sculpture in beautiful patina and in good state of conservation.

Sizes: H 122 x L 43 x P 36 cm

Age: 20th century

Cod: 10402

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