Great painting from the 17th century, Sacrifice of Isaac

Antique Italian painting from the 17th century. Artwork oil on canvas depicting a biblical subject, Sacrifice of Isaac, of good pictorial quality. Painting of great size and impact, adorned with a 20th century wooden frame, finely carved and gilded. God, to test Abraham's faith, orders him to sacrifice his own son Isaac. The painting represents the moment in which an angel of the Lord descends to block Abraham's hand and shows him a ram to be immolated as a substitute sacrifice. Artwork of good luminosity, the blue background is pleasant which creates an interesting contrast with the bright colors of the garments. The painter also places, at the bottom left, a glimpse with architecture (see photo). Painting on the first canvas that has undergone a conservative restoration and color recovery in some points (see photo). In good condition. Sight size H 153 x W 103 cm.

Sizes: H 169 x L 119 x P 5 cm

Technique: Oil on canvas

Age: 17th century

Cod: 10696

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