Great still life with cherubs, antique allegory from the 17th century

Antique Italian painting from the second half of the 17th century. Oil on canvas artwork depicting an amazing Allegory of abundance (or of the four seasons), still life with cherubs, flowers and fruit of excellent pictorial quality. Painting of exceptional size and ideal impact to be inserted in an important living room or studio, easily settable given the cheerfulness of the subject. Cherubs of fabulous quality, note the sculpture with a flowery headdress placed in the center which can be referred to the Goddess of nature (or Artemis Ephesia, see photo). Still life with thistle, grapes, artichokes, peaches and numerous other finely painted fruits and flowers. Artwork that develops vertically, with a remarkable visual impact. Painting that has undergone a conservative restoration, relining, replacement of the frame and color recovery in some places (see photo). In good condition.

Sizes: H 174 x L 139 x P 2 cm

Technique: Oil on canvas

Age: 17th century

Cod: 10571

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