Free shipping and delivery throughout Europe

Every piece is packed with the utmost care and professionalism, sealed in wooden crates built to measure and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and warranty complete with photographic documentation. Parino Mercato Antiquario seeks to stand out by offering the best packaging and shipment services available on the market. Once your payment has been received, delivery takes place within an estimated 5/6 working days.


National and international shipping

We offer free shipping all over Europe using trusted couriers.
Our staff and warehouses are set up for international sales, with the logistics know-how to make shipments to any country in the world at reasonable prices. We can keep your purchases in our free store room until you have accumulated enough to fill one or more trucks. Anyone looking to make large volumes purchases can take advantage of our container service.

Parino Mercato Antiquario has years of experience working with the leading international logistics and transportation companies.

Quality and frenkness
All the articles published by Parino Mercato Antiquario are individually photografed with clearness in details. We highlight qualities, values and faults. We have to underline that it's a matter of ancient items, that's why there is the possibility to find lack of little parts or minor faults.

The courier is obliged to contact the customer by phone to make an appointment before proceeding with the delivery; however, if at the arrival time agreed no one is found to receive the goods, the subsequent attempts (always granted in advance by telephone) will be debited to the receiver. The deposit of the goods is understood outside the home, unless different direct agreements had been made in advance.

Any damage caused by transportation
In the event of damage caused by the carrier, please contact with confidence the secretary of Parino Mercato Antiquario: practices for compensation will be activated in accordance with current laws. For this purpose, it is recommended, if an item is delivered damaged, to sign with reservation the waybill exhibited by the courier. Otherwise it will not be possible to submit a request for damages. Since the buyer has the right to check the good before its collection, if the courier does not allow such operations, he makes a serious shortcoming. In this case, it is necessary, while signing, to specify that the customer had been prevented from carrying out checks integrity of the goods.
The terms of this contract are preliminary to the acquisition. If one does not agree with the instructions, you are requested to withdraw from participation. For orders placed on-line, shipments can only be made after the registration to the shop and payment.
The standard route is as follows:
- vector shipping - (1 euro per kg refund – Transport Law 450 in the event of damage, a refund equal to 1 euro per kg, as required by the same law).

Right of withdrawal

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract without penalty and without giving any explanation, within a period of ten (10) working days after the day on which the goods are delivered. The withdrawal must be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent to the offices of Parino Mercato Antiquario. Within the same period of ten (10) working days, the goods should be returned undamaged and packed in the same packaging used for delivery. Shipping is paid by the sender and it is made under his/her own responsibility.
Refund will be made via bank transfer, no later than thirty (30) days from receipt of goods. This right cannot be exercised in cases a purchase invoice has been issued or if the goods have been personally withdrawn by the customer or his/her courier directly at Parino Mercato Antiquario warehouses.

Payments Accepted
Bank Transfer From Italy
To Parino Mercato Antiquario
Banco di Credito P. Azzoaglio - Ceva (CN)
filiale di Mondovi
IBAN: IT95 D034 2546 4800 0000 0001 017

Bank Transfer From Abroad
Parino Mercato Antiquario
UBI Banca S.p.A.
Filiale di San Michele Mondovì
IBAN : IT 77 U 03111 46810 000000020501

Cash On Delivery
Accepted upon prior request by telephone.
On delivery, the courier will accept only cash or check.

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