Great Venetian trumeau from the mid-20th century

Great 20th century Venetian trumeau. Furniture of exceptional size and quality carved and veneered in walnut, burl, beech, fruit and gilded wood. Trumeau composed of three bodies equipped with four drawers in the lower part. Central body with fall-front which offers 5 small drawers inside, a retractable compartment and a good-sized desk top (see photo). Upper body with 4 drawers, two front candle holders and four doors with pink mirrors. Inside of the side doors complete with shelves of discreet service. Central doors that conceal 6 small drawers, a central door and a shelf (see photo). Cymatium richly sculpted and adorned with gilded wooden elements (gilded in bronze color, see photo). Ideal furniture to be placed in an important living room or study, of fabulous furnishings. Complete with a key for the lower drawers, one for the fall-front and one for the two doors of the upper body, working locks. Furniture that has small signs of wear, some cracks in the veneer and signs of aging. Structurally sound, overall in a fairly conservative state.

Sizes: H 280 x L 151 x P 61 cm

Age: 20th century

Cod: 9656

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