Italian trumeau in walnut, burl and beech from 20th century

Lombard trumeau of the mid-twentieth century. Moved and rounded, double body, richly carved in walnut, burl and beech woods of beautiful lines and pleasant decor. Trumeau with a working key. Lower body with two doors and fall-front. Interior of the sideboard equipped with a high shelf with. Fall-front which offers a good-sized desk top and four drawers (see photo). Upper body with two doors with built-in antique mirrors (see photo). Interior complete with three fairly good glass shelves. Glass tops that have some small chips, to be replaced. Furniture of great impact and quality, supported by four carved legs with curly feet. Overall Trumeau in good state of conservation.

Sizes: H 215 x L 119 x P 50 cm

Age: 20th century

Cod: 8848

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