Large English trumeau in wood from the 20th century

English trumeau of the 20th century. Double body funiture in walnut, burl, beech, mahogany and fruitwood. Lower body equipped with two smaller parallel drawers and two larger lower ones of good capacity and fall front. Inside of the bureau complete with numerous drawers, various document holder openings and a desk top of good size and service (see picture). Upper body with two doors with recessed antiqued mirrors and two small removable candle holder shelves (see picture). Interior with a top plus base (see picture). Furniture complete with two working keys (fall front and upper doors) ideal for use in a living room or studio, with pleasant decor. In good condition with some small signs of aging.

Sizes: H 212 X L 100 X P 45 cm

Age: 20th century

Cod: 9381

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