Pair of French braziers in glazed terracotta

Pair of French braziers from the second half of the 20th century. Objects of great size and charm in glazed terracotta. Brazier equipped with an iron element (one missing) to support the embers. Objects that can also be used as vases or ornamental sculptures, both for internal or external use. Vases adorned with goat heads and chiseled frontal decorations depicting stylized owls (see photo). Items for antique dealers, interior decorators and collectors, without trademarks or stamps. They come in slightly different sizes but born in pairs given the position of the goat heads. A vase has undergone restoration (see photo spinning). The second has small lacks (a piece of ear and nose, see photo). In beautiful patina they are presented in a fair conservative state. Brazier sizes: H 68 x W 50 x D 42 cm - H 63 x W 57 x D 44 cm.

Sizes: H 68 x L 50 x P 42 cm

Age: 20th century

Cod: 8611

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