Great painting from the 17th century, Moses receiving the tables of the law

Antique Italian painting from the 17th century. Oil painting on canvas that develops horizontally depicting various Biblical events from the story of Moses, of good pictorial quality. On the left we find the Jewish people fleeing Egypt. On the right instead we have one of the many battles that the people of Israel had to face in the forty years in the desert. At the center the delivery of the tables of the law. Once they reached the foot of Mount Sinai, the Israelites saw thunder and lightning and only Moses was not afraid and went up to receive the ten commandments. Artwork of great measure and impact, full of characters and pleasant dynamism. 20th century frame in wood and plaster, finely chiseled and gilded, of beautiful decoration. Painting that has undergone a conservative restoration, relining, replacement of the frame and color recovery in various points. In good condition. Sight size H 95 x W 182 cm.

Sizes: H 119 x L 207 x P 7 cm

Technique: Oil on canvas

Age: 17th century

Cod: 10678

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