Painting from the second half of the 18th century, the triumph of Galatea

Antique Italian painting from the 18th century. Artwork oil on canvas depicting a mythological subject, The Triumph of Galatea, of good pictorial quality. Painting of good size and pleasant furnishings characterized by colors tending towards pastels, with good luminosity. Painting that develops horizontally, Galatea is represented lying on a pair of dolphins, next to a graceful nereid. Cupids play with her while holding a red mantle inflated by the wind. The myth tells that Galatea was in love with Aci, a beautiful young man, and that the cyclops Polyphemus, envious of the young man and in turn in love with the nymph, after having tried in vain to attract her with the sound of his flute, killed Aci by throwing a large boulder at him. Aci's blood was then transformed into a spring and himself into a river god. Artwork that has undergone a conservative restoration, relining, replacement of the stretcher and color recovery in some places (see photo). Three patches have also been placed on the back (see photo). Painting overall in good state of conservation.

Sizes: H 86 x L 151 x P 2 cm

Technique: Oil on canvas

Age: 18th century

Cod: 10719

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